This is how JEMAKO works

Yellow, green and blue – the JEMAKO colour guide system

This system immediately tells you what colour removes what kind of dirt. The darker the colours become from yellow to blue, the greater the cleaning performance of our products is:

Yellow cleaning-fibre
What for: the removal of light, everyday dirt
Where: sensitive or lightly-soiled surfaces
How: use dry or slightly damp
Green cleaning-fibre
What for: the removal of dirt from heavily soiled surfaces
Where: a multi-talent for virtually all surfaces
How: use after wetting well
Blue cleaning-fibre
What for: the removal of stubborn dirt
Where: robust and less-sensitive surfaces
How: use after wetting well

Effective brush principle, lint-free and easy care of the fibres
Surfaces are not always smooth, they can also have grooves, slitts and structures. The textile cleaning products from JEMAKO are technically designed to function like a brush, so that even uneven surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned. The use of modern man-made fibres also guarantees lint-free cleaning, something that is impossible with natural fibres such as wool or cotton. The advantage of JEMAKO fibres: time-consuming, repeated treatment of surfaces is not required. Virtually all JEMAKO textile products are machine-washable at 60 °C and tumble dryer-compatible. Therefore, they are extremely easy to look after, while simultaneously retaining their cleaning performance in the long term.