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Our best product? The job as an independent JEMAKO sales adviser!

Because with this partnership, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your individual professional goals, regardless of age and education.

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JEMAKO success stories

Christin Korte, with JEMAKO since 2016

Young mother working from home. Sounds perfect for getting back into the job. The problem: Christin Korte hardly came out from home. Then she got to know JEMAKO and was immediately interested. Her frieds encouraged her to try it as a sales advisor. With great success.

Claudia Eisert, with JEMAKO since 2005

From a bank clerk to a sales advisor: Claudia Eisert worked 8 years in both jobs until she switched completely to JEMAKO. Cleaning was never her passion before but the products impressed her. Her business grew and so did her team. Today, Claudia Eisert leads a team with serveral hundred sales advisors.

The JEMAKO incentive programme

Discover the many additional advantages as an independent JEMAKO sales adviser.

Success must be worthwhile! This is why there is a special incentive programme at JEMAKO.
Those who are consistently good in their business can look forward to many attractive special benefits!

High quality rewards

Successfully score points with your sales performance. Select your preferred reward from a diverse range.


Further development meets a feel-good atmosphere. Meet sales adviser colleagues and successfully advance your business.

Shared moments

Learning, celebrating and exchanging ideas with sales advisers: In exciting competitions you can qualify for participation in shared experiences.

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