Wheel Rim Cleaner set

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Removes stubborn dirt quickly and gently from all types of wheel rims and is completely eco-friendly and protective of material.

This pack contains

Click Box (20 x 20 x 8 cm), empty
x 1

Remove sand from the wheel rims with water from the JEMAKO Bucket, particularly in winter. Then, spray on Wheel-Rim-Cleaner and allow to work for approx. 15 minutes. Important: do not allow the product to dry out. Then clean the wheel rims using a wet, green CleanStick Plus.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning that protects the material
  • Removes brake abrasion and splashes of chain grease/oil from rims
  • Also suitable for chrome rims
  • All types of wheel rims
  • Difficult-to-access spaces in the rims

CleanStick® Plus 15 cm, green fibre

100 % Polyester

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