Speed Polish set

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For smooth, water-repellent car paint and brilliant deep shine. Effectively protects against environmental influences and quick new soiling and is very quick and easy to use.

This pack contains

Click Box (20 x 10 x 12 cm), empty
x 1

  • For fast cleaning in-between times
  • Also ideal for removing water streaks after the carwash
  • Provides a brilliant deep gloss on all paints, without leaving a lubricant film behind
  • For simple and fast removal of light dirt (e.g. water stains, pollen, dust)
  • Can be used daily and does not attack wax or polished layers
  • Leaves smooth, water-repellent surfaces and thus protects against environmental influences and prevents the surface quickly dirtying again

Sparingly apply Speed-Polish to the clean vehicle lacquer and then wipe and polish using a Speed-Polish-Cloth. For smaller surfaces, spray the cloth and apply it to the lacquer. Caution: do not spray onto the windscreen, as this can impede the function of the windscreen wipers!

  • Painted and plastic surfaces outside

Speed Polish Cloth DuoPack, 35 x 40 cm

83 % Polyester, 17 % Polyamide

Speed Polish

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol.

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