To ensure that you enjoy your JEMAKO products for a long time to come, it is important to wash and care for them according to their characteristics. We have compiled the most important information here and arranged it in a concise and clearly structured way for you.

Please note before washing:

  • Wash all products with laundry of similar colours.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner.
  • Remove excess dirt from fibres.
  • Remove all plastic parts such as handles or rails.
  • Thoroughly wash out all cloths containing oily or greasy dirt with Spray & Wash or Intensive Cleaner before washing.

Make sure always to push the zipper under the cover designed for this purpose, in order to protect machine parts and pieces of laundry from damage.

Our Wash Pouches: we recommend using a Wash Pouch for every wash. This prevents the fibres giving off or attracting fluff and protects the fabric. Please note the relevant variant for your product.

Wash Pouch with zip cover, yellow

For many yellow fibres and the white Floor Fibre

Wash Pouch with zip cover, blue

  • For all blue, green and grey fibres
  • For Floor Fibre, yellow and CleanStick Plus, yellow

Wash Pouch with zip cover, white

  • Wash Pouch with zip cover, white
  • For all sensitive textiles
Wash Pouch with zip cover, blue

Fibre green

Pro Cloth

Dry Cloth
Fibre blue

Floor Fibre, yellow

Car Interior Cloth, Speed Polish Cloth, Dustar® Cloth, Dish Cloth, SuperDry Chamois, Leather Care Cloth

Floor Fibre, yellow · CleanStick Plus, yellow

DuoPad, grey fibre · Dish Butler® head, soft/hard

Wash Pouch with zip cover, yellow

Cleaning Sponge · DuoPads · DuoCLoth · Cleaning Glove · CleanStick · Floor Fibre white

Wash Pouch with zip cover, white

Make-Up Removal Pads · Facial Care Pads · Body Care Glove · Wash Drop

Hand Towel/Hair Turban

No Wash Pouch is needed here:


Hand wash

AshEx® Cloth

Lens Cloth with pouch

The perfect additions for clean laundry:

KalkEx® Plus: Use the highly effective KalkEx® Plus regularly to decalcify your Pro and Dry Cloths.

Spray & Wash: For professional pre-treatment, the detergent enhancer ensures clean laundry, even at low temperatures.

Bile Soap: The classic is ideal for cleaning the cleaning fibres during or after use.

Synthetic Detergent: Cleans synthetic fibres in a particularly gentle manner and effectively neutralises unpleasant odours. Great for normal coloured fabrics, too.