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Intensive cleaning for intensively used floors. Ideal for cleaning the terrace thoroughly before the garden party. 

Intensive and professional cleaning results guaranteed with the Floor set! The Floor Fibre, grey, is excellent as a ‘scrubber replacement’ for removing dirt and greenery outside. Thanks to its high mechanical cleaning performance, the Fibre removes even stubborn dirt from all robust surfaces, yet is still gentle on the material, very easy to wash out and extremely durable. In combination with the Intensive Floor Cleaner, this creates the perfect duo for effectively cleaning terrace floors. Thanks to its high dirt removing power, our high performance cleaner for all water and alkaline resistant floors helps to remove even rough and old encrusted dirt and film residue effortlessly – without strenuous scrubbing.  

Dilute with water at a ratio of 1:10, according to the type of dirt. Wipe up dirty solution directly, do not let it dry. Finally, rinse with clear water until all cleaning residues have been removed. 

Floor Intensive Cleaner: 

Hazardous substance, please read label before use.  

Tested and suitable for use in the food processing sector. 

Suitable for use in floor cleaning machines and high-pressure appliances.  

Please observe the recommendations of the manufacturer of the devices or surfaces for cleaning, and carry out preliminary tests if necessary. 

Floor Fibre, grey: 

Please observe: Wash all fibres and cloths before first use. Do not use fabric  conditioner. For optimal cleaning and care of your fibres and cloths, we recommend the JEMAKO Wash Pouch as well as our special Detergent.   

If the Floor Fibre is very heavily soiled after use, please wash it out beforehand with Intensive or Power Cleaner. Wash in the Wash Pouch as usual. 

  • Tiles
  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Terraces
  • Granite
  • Safety tiles
  • Natural stone terraces

Floor Fibre, grey:  

72 % Polyamide, 28 % Polyester 

Lenght: 42 cm 

Floor Intensive Cleaner: 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation):  less than 5%: anionic surfactants. 

pH value approx. 12,9 

Protect against sunlight and frost. 

Without animal ingredients.  

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