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Petcare Set M

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Dirt and odours that arise every day are quickly removed with this set. New: Our PETsi especially for cleaning sensitive eyes and ears.


This pack contains

Fur Pro M (45 x 85 cm)
x 1
x 1

The Petcare set is the all-round happy package for pets and their proud owners. The particularly absorbent Fur Pro is ideal for rubbing pets dry quickly and gently after a bath or a walk in the rain and thus prevents unpleasant odours from spreading through the house. The Fur Pro impresses by virtue of its particularly soft fibre, which guarantees gentle drying of animals. The Fur Pro dries quickly after use and is ready to be used again. As a perfect complement to the Fur Pro, our new PETsi comes free with the set. The PETsi made of extra soft microfibre allows particularly gentle cleaning of the animal’s eyes and ears. The PETsi can be washed hygienically at 95° C and can be used again and again. With the help of the Odour Remover, unpleasant odours in cushions and the like can also be reliably and permanently neutralised, leaving a pleasant fragrance behind. The set also contains our Synthetic Detergent for all washable textiles. This particularly skin-friendly special detergent reliably removes dirt and unpleasant odours and is also ideal for washing the Fur Pro and PETsi.  

Available product variants: 

Petcare Set S (with Fur Pro S: 34 x 55 cm) 

Petcare Set M (with Fur Pro M: 45 x 85 cm)

Fur Cloth:  

Rub wet and/or dirty fur and paws dry with the Fur Cloth. 


Moisten the PETsi lightly with a little water and spread it gently over the parts to be cleaned (works particularly well for animals with short fur). Then simply wash out with warm water or put into the washing machine. Please do not use the same side of the PETsi for eyes and ears. 


Odour Remover: 

Lightly spray the surface to be treated from approx. 30 cm, do not saturate. Repeat the process for stronger intense odours.

Synthetic Detergent: 

Add the Synthetic Detergent to the dosing ball according to the dose recommendation and put the ball directly into the washing machine drum. Wash without a prewash. Suitable for all washing temperatures. For persistent stains, use JEMAKO Spray & Wash or JEMAKO Bile Soap beforehand.

Fur Cloth: 

The Fur Cloth is machine washable up to 60 °C and suitable for tumble drying at reduced temperatures. Do not use fabric conditioner. Do not iron. Before use and with every washing cycle, wash with laundry of similar colours. We recommend using JEMAKO Synthetic Detergent. If the Fur Cloth is very dirty, you can protect the other laundry with a Wash Pouch. It is not necessary to wash the Fur Cloth after each application. 


Washable up to 95 °C. 

No fabric conditioner. 

Odour Remover: 

Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. 

With unknown material, carry out preliminary tests. 

Please ensure that only the surfaces to be treated are sprayed. Spray mist settling on the floor or other objects can simply be wiped away with a Pro Cloth, for example. 

Use only with grey Spray Head. 

Synthetic Detergent: 

Hazardous substance, please read label before use. 

Confirmed as kind to the skin: The Hohenstein Institute tested a textile of synthetic fibre (HL washed with this detergent and confirmed the kindness to the skin of this JEMAKO product. 

Observe the care instructions of the textile manufacturer.  

Not suitable for wool and silk. 

For all furry small and domestic animals (e.g. dogs, cats, horses, etc.) 

Fur Cloth: 

85 % polyester, 15 % polyamide  


S: 34 x 55 cm  

M: 45 x 85 cm  


100 % polyester 

Odour Remover: 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: soap, phosphonates, non-ionic surfactants. Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol. 

pH value approx. 8.3  

Protect against sunlight and frost. 

Without animal ingredients. 

Synthetic Detergent: 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): 5 % or over but less than 15 %: anionic surfactants. Less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, soap. Perfumes. Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone. 

pH value approx. 7.6 

Protect against sunlight and frost. 

Without animal ingredients.  

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