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Speed Polish set

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Leaves a brilliant shine. Ideal as the finishing touch after washing a vehicle.

Tip: If you opt for the Combi set car wash (Interior set mobile + Speed Polish set), you can look forward to a free Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate "Clear View", 250 ml.

This pack contains

Speed-Polish-Cloth, 35 x 40 cm
x 1

  • Ideal for quick cleaning top-ups
  • Perfect for removing water stains after going through a car wash
  • Removes light soiling in a flash (e.g. water stains, pollen and dust)

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Spray a light covering onto the surface or the Speed Polish Cloth and polish evenly over the surface. Can be used on all exterior surfaces – including plastic, chrome, aluminium and glass. Also ideal for waxed and sealed paintwork. Do not use on the windscreen.


  • Do not use on the windscreen
  • Susceptible to frost so store carefully
  • pH value: 7


  • Wash before first use
  • Wash in a delicates bag
  • Machine wash up to 60°C
  • Do not use any fabric conditioner
  • Dry in a tumble-dryer at low heat
  • Do not iron
  • Painted car bodywork
  • Exterior painted and plastic surfaces
  • Glass surfaces (just do not use on the windscreen)
  • Removal of dust and water stains after going through a car wash

Types of dirt

  • Dust
  • Water stains
  • Pollen

Speed Polish Cloth DuoPack, 35 x 40 cm

83 % Polyester, 17 % Polyamide

Speed Polish: 

Ingredients (according to detergent regulations): Fragrances. Phenoxyethanol.

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