AshEx® Cloth, 35 x 40 cm

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Together with the AshEx®Gel, the perfect duo against dirt on fireplace screens or panes of cooker glass. Soot, grease and stubborn dirt are thus a thing of the past.


Sparingly and evenly spray a small amount of AshEx®-Gel onto the cold fireplace glass and leave to soak for a few minutes before wiping it off streak-free using the AshEx-Cloth. Repeat if required and finally clean again with the rinsed AshEx®-Cloth.

  • The AshEx-Cloth is ideal for cleaning glass in conjunction with AshEx-Gel. It is also easy to wash-out.
  • Special cloth for fireplace glass
  • Effortless removal of soot, grease and stubborn dirt in conjunction with AshEx-Gel
  • Cleans fast

Cloth is not colourfast; please wash separately by hand!

  • Glass in fireplaces, wood burners and ovens

84 % Polyester, 16 % Polyamide

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