RollOut® SixPack, 6 x 50 ml + 2 x DuoPad mini Ø 9.5 cm, green fibre

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The “first aid set” for all types of stains on textiles and upholstery – also perfect for fast stain removal in between times.


Application:1. First, ascertain what type of stain(s) you are dealing with to ensure that you select the correct JEMAKO stain remover (see Stain ABC).2. To ensure textiles are colourfast, we advise testing the product for material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before using: apply product, allow to soak in for approx. 5 to 10 minutes, carefully rinse, or dab off, and allow to dry. Only use the stain remover if no discolouration occurs following drying. Special care should be given for red and beige textiles.3. Coarse dirt should be removed in advance (by shaking, brushing).4. Place a DuoPad, green fibre (or a folded, colourfast hand towel) under the soiled area. 5. Apply the stain remover with circular movements from the outside to the inside and apply until the stain has been completely removed. In doing so, move the DuoPad around from time to time to ensure that the dirt is lifted. This simultaneously prevents the textiles from being re-contaminated.6. Remove the DuoPad and use a second, clean green DuoPad to dab off the remains of the stain remover using clean water or rinse the textile in clean water.7. For large-scale soiling or for stains requiring a longer soaking time (i.e. rust and blood stains), the container can be removed from the cartridge so that the product can be used more liberally. To allow the stain remover to soak in, you can use a saucer or a small bowl, for example. The soaking time depends on the type of dirt.8. Refill system: to refill, hold the bottom of the container, screw it out of the cartridge and insert the refill container.

  • Reliable, quick, practical and fabric-gentle: the six stain experts from JEMAKO in a nutshell! Because regardless of whether you are dealing with fruit, coffee, red wine stains, etc.: our RollOuts® reliably and quickly remove stains, even from non-washable textiles such as carpets and upholstery. One special feature of the RollOut® stain removers is their special form, which resembles a roll-on deodorant. This allows the extremely fibre-gentle application of the cleaning fluid – fibres retain their characteristics, becoming neither rough nor matted. The refill system is particularly economical and environmentally-friendly. To refill, simply screw the container out of the bottom of the cartridge and insert the refill container. Hence, you always have the perfect solution for any stain to hand!
  • JEMAKO offers six different special stain removers for textiles
  • The ‘First-Aid Set’ for stains on textiles and upholstery
  • Here, RollOuts® 1-6 offer precisely the right solutions for all stains
  • Stains are also reliably and quickly removed from non-washable textiles such as carpets and upholstery
  • Particularly fabric-gentle as a result of the roll-on system
  • Practical refill system
  • RollOut® 1: removes protein-containing dirt such as blood, egg white, milk, etc.
  • RollOut® 2: removes greasy dirt such as machine oil, shoe polish, butter, etc.
  • RollOut® 3: removes pigment-containing dirt such ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen, text highlighter, etc.
  • RollOut® 4: removes dirt to be bleached such as fruit stains, coffee, tea, etc.
  • RollOut® 5: removes dirt from rust stains and deodorant residue
  • RollOut® 6: removes pigment-containing dirt such as lipstick, make-up, mud, etc.

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