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Can handle almost any challenge in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Soap, 250 ml + Dispenser

  • Power Cleaner impresses than
  • ks to its grease and dirt removing power
  • Kitchen Hygiene Cleaner provides hygienic cleanliness, also ideal for light limescale stains
  • DuoPad, grey fibre loosens stubborn encrusted and burned-on residue
  • Dish Cloth gathers great quantities of dirt and is highly absorbent
  • Pro Cloth Plus removes even strong dirt stains such as grease and nicotine and is fluff and streak free
  • Stainless Steel Coil removes burned-on residue from uncoated pots and pans 

Clean all non-sensitive surfaces with the slightly damp Pro Cloth Plus and some Power Cleaner. Then wipe with clear water. Use the Dish Cloth to hand rinse. For more stubborn encrusted residue, use the DuoPad or Stainless Steel Coil. Spray the Kitchen Hygiene Cleaner onto the Pro Cloth Plus and clean the fridge, for example – completely without wiping again afterwards.

  • All washable surfaces
  • Washing by hand
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezer compartments
  • Freezers
  • Microwaves
  • Bins
  • Door seals of dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Light lime spots on work surfaces and fittings (particularly of stainless steel)
  • Work surfaces

Dish Cloth, turquoise

52 % Viscose, 48 % Polyester

DuoPad 12 x 8 cm, grey fibre

72 % Polyamide, 28 % Polyester

Pro Cloth Plus S 35 x 40 cm, turquoise

88 % Polyester, 12 % Polyamide

Power Cleaner

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: amphoteric surfactants, anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants. Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol.

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaner

None in accordance with the Detergents Ordinance

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