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Make-up Removal Pads seven-pack, pink

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The Make-Up Removal Pads are ideal for daily make-up removal - and using water only. Now in the promotion in a 7-pack in pink or lime! 


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For particularly gentle make-up removal. The super soft and highly absorbent Make-Up Removal Pads are ideal for daily make-up removal – and clean effectively with just water. They are suitable for any skin type and demonstrably maintain the protective function of the skin. Since the pads can be washed at up to 95 °C, they are also very hygienic. Their durability also makes them particularly environmentally friendly.     

With practical Wash Pouch. Protects the fibres and prevents fluff.


Available product variants  

Make-up Removal Pads seven-pack, pink 

Make-up Removal Pads seven-pack, lime 

Using a wet pad, gently remove make-up (i.e. mascara) from the eye area. 

The Make-Up Removal Pads are machine washable up to 95 °C and suitable for tumble-drying at reduced temperatures. Do not use fabric conditioner. Before and after first use, wash in the Wash Pouch. Do not iron. 

The skin should be slowly accustomed to the fibre.

The excellent skin-compatibility of the Make-up Removal Pads has been verified by a renowned university institute. 

100 % polyester 

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