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CleanStick® 60 cm, yellow fibre

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Protective of surfaces, flexible, easy to wash out. Removes dust quickly and reliably from places that are difficult to access and from narrow spaces.


Used dry, you can easily access grooves and recesses in couches and armchairs, for example, to remove crumbs. Also excellent for stereo systems, radiator gaps, low cabinets, skirting boards, etc.

  • Perfect for swift dusting in-between! Thanks to its shape and flexibility, the yellow CleanStick can be used to quickly remove dust, fluff and crumbs even from difficult-to-reach places, narrow openings and gaps. The internal construction is made from high-quality plastic, is extremely flexible and can be bent into any shape. The flexible duster for all plastic, wooden, lacquered and high-gloss surfaces. Depending on the requirement, the CleanStick can be used dry or damp.
  • Gentle on surfaces
  • Very good dust take-up
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to wash
  • Also for difficult-to-reach places
  • Radiators
  • Radiator gaps
  • Hi-fi system: surfaces and gaps
  • Plants
  • Gaps between shelving units and higher shelves
  • Roller shutters
  • Sun protection
  • Gaps in chairs, tables and doors
  • Doors, coated plastic

70 % Polyester, 30 % Lyocell; internal construction: high-quality plastic

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