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Set combi SOS

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All five SOS sets of the campaign in just one set! The combination of the bathroom, glass, dust, kitchen and sink SOS sets guarantees quick cleanliness in all areas of the house.    

Your extra advantage: when you buy the combination set, you get the 15 l JEMAKO wash bucket in the limited colour grey for free! 

SOS set bath: The ideal set for quick basic cleaning in the bathroom area. 

SOS set glass: Mirrors and glass surfaces have never been so quickly clean without streaks! 

SOS set kitchen: For hygienic cleanliness in the entire kitchen area. Simply spray, wipe, done!  

SOS set sink: The perfect combination for all tasks around the sink. 

SOS set dustar: Our experts against dust and fingerprints on high-gloss furniture and screens. 

You can see the composition of the cloths in the respective SOS set.

You can see the ingredients of the cleaners in the respective SOS set.

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