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Living-area set fireplace

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The perfect set for fast and thorough cleaning of fireplace screens, lanterns and storm lanterns.

This pack contains

Click Box (20 x 10 x 12 cm), empty
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AshEx®-Gel is our special cleaner for fireplace screens. Thanks to its special gel formula, it adheres to the surface for a long time and allows quick and easy removal of soot and stubborn dirt. AshEx® Gel is easily biodegradable and impresses with its high efficiency. The AshEx® Cloth, which is also included in the set, is a special cloth for fireplace screens that is optimally suited to cleaning with AshEx® Gel and can be washed out easily after use. 

Evenly spray a small amount of AshEx®-Gel onto the cold fireplace glass and leave to soak for a few minutes before wiping it off streak-free with the AshEx®-Cloth. Repeat if required and finally clean again with the rinsed AshEx®-Cloth.

AshEx® Gel:  

Hazardous substance, please read label before use.  

Only suitable for fireplace glass 

Do not treat metal parts, stone, etc., with AshEx®-Gel! 

Follow the fireplace and stove manufacturer’s instruction. 

Test the product before using

For use with: Foam Pump, white        


AshEx® Cloth: 

Please wash by hand only, as the paint will bleed and soot will stick in the washing machine and can dirty subsequent wash loads. 

  • Fireplace screens
  • Lanterns (glass panes)
  • Storm lanterns

AshEx® Cloth: 

84 % Polyester, 16 % Polyamide 

Dimensions: approx. 35 x 40 cm 

AshEx® Gel:  

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: anionic surfactants, phosphonates. 

pH value approx. 13.2  

Protect against sunlight and frost. 

Without animal ingredients. 

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