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Detergent active, 3 l (Campaign)

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The skin-friendly detergent has excellent dirt and grease dissolving properties. It removes unpleasant odours, maintains the function of outdoor & functional textiles as well as JEMAKO Fibres and provides a fresh fragrance.

Incl. dosing ball  

This pack contains


Now with 5 x Enzyme Refresh Power! The complex mixture of enzymes acts strongly against much common soiling even at low washing temperatures, is gentle on the fibres and ensures the best cleaning results. 

Use the detergent according to the recommended dosage. Suitable for all washing temperatures. For persistent stains, use JEMAKO Spray & Wash or JEMAKO Bile Soap beforehand.

Hazardous substance, please read label before use.  

Skin compatibility confirmed dermatologically and by the Hohenstein Institute.

Observe the care instructions of the textile manufacturer. 

Not suitable for wool and silk.  

Which enzymes are active in the Active Detergent?

  • All items of clothing, such as
  • - Sports clothing
  • - Jeans, blouses & shirts etc.
  • The JEMAKO Fibres and Cloths and Doormats
  • Washing temperatures from 30°C

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): 5 % or over but less than 15 %: anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants. Less than 5%:  soap. Perfumes. Enzymes. Phenoxyethanol. 

pH value approx. 8.0

Protect against sunlight and frost. 

Without animal ingredients. 

What is behind 5 x Enzyme Refresh Power?

A complex mixture of enzymes

- Optimally combined for best cleaning results

- Strong against many common stains even at lower washing temperatures

- Gentle on the fibres

- Without the addition of bleaching agents

- Without polluting the environment

Why is the detergent a liquid detergent and not a powder?

The great advantage of a liquid detergent is that it does not have to dissolve first. It can therefore develop its full washing power even at low temperatures of 30 °C and above. This also ensures that it does not leave any white streaks/stains on dark laundry.

Does the detergent affect the breathability of my functional clothing?

No, the function or breathability of your sports or outdoor clothing remains fully intact.

Can I also use the detergent to wash my normal coloured laundry with cotton or mixed fabric clothing?

Yes, the detergent is also suitable for your normal laundry. Only for white laundry we recommend the use of a full detergent with bleach to avoid grey haze and so that white really remains white.

Can I use the detergent in any washing programme?


Can I also use a fabric conditioner?

No. Functional underwear, sports or outdoor textiles as well as JEMAKO Fibres and Cloths should never be washed with fabric conditioner, as this impairs their water absorption capacity.

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