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Combi set mobile

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Car and rim cleaning combined! The Combi set combines everything needed for the care of the entire "family fleet".

Now with practical Bucket tray free!

Not only cars, but also motorhomes, motorbikes, quads, scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, tricycles and much more are cleaned with the help of the Combi set and radiate in a new shine. 

The free Bucket tray is the practical addition to the JEMAKO Bucket and is not available as standard. It is ideal for having all the products for car care (or all the utensils for house cleaning) conveniently at hand and carrying them quickly and easily while cleaning.

Starter set mobile: 

First, thoroughly remove thick dirt from the car using a hard water jet. Spray a little longer in the summer so that the paint cools off! Please remember: Wash in shade. Shake High-gloss Shampoo (so that the two phases mix) and depending on the level of dirt, add 1–1.5 dosing caps to 10 litres of lukewarm water in the JEMAKO Bucket. Let the Glove soak up the water, start cleaning on the roof and wash thoroughly towards the bottom. Do not let dry. Repeatedly soak up water until the Bucket is almost empty. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Dry the vehicle with the Chamois. To do this, fold up the Chamois and roughly remove the water from the vehicle. Finally, wring out the Chamois well and chamois the vehicle completely. If necessary, wring out well in between. 

Wheel Rim Cleaner set:  

Before washing the car, remove coarse dirt from the rims with water from the JEMAKO Bucket - especially in winter. Spray the Rim Cleaner undiluted onto the rim and leave to act for approx. 15 minutes. Do not let product dry. Then clean the rims with the wet green CleanStick® Plus. Then rinse thoroughly with water or drive through the car wash.

Wheel Rim Cleaner:  

Avoid longer application times and strong sunlight.     

Observe the care instructions of the rim manufacturer. If necessary, carry out preliminary tests.                                                                                                             

For use with: Foam Pump, white  

Cleaning Glove long-pile, green fibre / Chamois / CleanStick Plus:  

Please observe: Wash all fibres and cloths before first use. Do not use fabric  conditioner. For optimal cleaning and care of your fibres and cloths, we recommend the JEMAKO Wash Pouch as well as our special Detergent.     

With unknown surfaces, observe the cleaning and care instructions of the surface manufacturer. If necessary, carry out preliminary tests. 

Starter set mobile:  

  • All exterior vehicle surfaces such as vehicle paint (also matt), chrome, plastic and rubber.
  • Outer cleaning of cars, caravans, motorbikes
  • Wrapped vehicles

Wheel Rim Cleaner set:  

  • All types of wheel rims
  • Difficult-to-access spaces in the rims

Cleaning Glove long-pile, green fibre: 

100 % polyester

SuperDry Chamois, white/grey: 

73 % polyester, 20 % polyamide, 7 % polyurethane 

Dimensions: approx.45 x 60 cm  

CleanStick® Plus 15 cm, green fibre:  

100 % polyester

Handle: plastic

High-gloss Shampoo: 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: amphoteric surfactants, non-ionic surfactants. Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol.

pH value approx. 5,3 

Protect against sunlight and frost.

Without animal ingredients

Wheel Rim Cleaner: 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, cationic surfactants. Perfumes.

pH value approx. 8,5 

Protect against sunlight and frost.

Without animal ingredients



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