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Blue Fibre set

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Blue fibre in three versions: Works wonders on stubborn stains on non-sensitive surfaces. Use with JEMAKO Lemon Balsam for optimum results.

· A fantastic introduction to the expert blue fibres 

· Plenty of potential uses throughout the entire household

Lemon Balsam: 

· Tested and verified for Schott Ceran®

· Container made from 100% recycled plastic

Lather up the Lemon Balsam using a damp DuoPad and use to clean things like your CERAN® hob. You can also use a dry DuoPad to remove fluff and hair from upholstery and fabrics. Use the CleanStick® when damp or wet to reach the tricky parts of your shower screen or pair with the Sanitary Cleaner to remove limescale from taps. If you need to tackle heavy soiling when cleaning the oven or similar, use a damp Cleaning Sponge together with the Intensive Cleaner.

 Lemon Balsam: 

· Please observe the recommendations of the manufacturer of the devices or surfaces for cleaning, and carry out preliminary tests if necessary.

· Protect against sunlight and frost.

· pH value: 10,5

CleanStick® 35 cm, blue fibre/DuoPad mini, blue fibre/Cleaning Sponge short-pile, blue fibre: 

Please observe: Wash all fibres and cloths before first use. Do not use fabric  conditioner. For optimal cleaning and care of your fibres and cloths, we recommend the JEMAKO Wash Pouch as well as our special Detergent.

Cleaning Sponge, blue fibre/DuoPad mini, blue fibre:  

· Follow the maintenance and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. With unknown surfaces, carry out preliminary tests at an inconspicuous place to check before use.

· Do not use on coated surfaces (varnish, paint, acrylic glass).

CleanStick® 35 cm, blue fibre/DuoPad mini, blue fibre: 

Wash off any stubborn dirt with the Spray & Wash or Intensive Cleaner

CleanStick® 35 cm, blue fibre: 

Remove the fabric cover from the plastic rod before washing

DuoPad mini, blue fibre + Lemon Balsam: 

Non-sensitive surfaces including:

· Glass ceramic

· Stainless steel

· Ceramic

· Brass

· Copper

· Hobs made from glass ceramic (Ceranfeld®) and stainless steel

· Sinks made from stainless steel and ceramic

Type of dirt

Stubborn stains including:

· Dried-on food

· Grease

· Limescale

· Nicotine

Cleaning Sponge short-pile, blue fibre: 

For example for

· Smooth, non-sensitive surfaces

· Chairs

· Sofas

· Armchairs

· Carpet

· Clothing

Type of dirt

Light soiling to stubborn stains

CleanStick® 35 cm, blue fibre: 

For example for

· Window frames

· Window edges

· Garden furniture

· Vases (including ones made from glass), decanters

· Radiators

Type of dirt

Light soiling to stubborn stains

CleanStick® 35 cm, blue fibre: 

· Composition: 62 % polyamide, 38 % polyester

· Inside: flexible, high-quality plastic

· Non-hazardous polyethylene with no plasticisers

Size: 35 cm 

DuoPad mini Ø 9,5 cm, blaue Faser: 

62 % Polyamid, 38 % Polyester 

Size: Ø 9,5 cm

Cleaning Sponge short-pile, blue fibre: 

62 % Polyamid, 38 % Polyester

Lemon Balsam:

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): 5 % or over but less than 15%: soap. Perfumes (Limonene, Citral, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool).

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