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Clear view, 250 ml, two-pack

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Our high-performance Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate for the summer removes even stubborn dirt quickly and without long wiping times.

This pack contains

Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate, 250 ml bottle
x 2

The ‘Clear View’ Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate for the windscreen washer system allows dirt such as dust, pollen, insects, anti-glare and lubricating films to be removed quickly and easily from the windscreen while on the move. The concentrate has a pleasantly fresh fragrance, is very economical (250 ml is enough for 25 litres of cleaning liquid) and protects plastic parts, rubber seals and paint. Since it is not necessary to wipe for a long time, driving safety is also increased. Successfully tested in motorsport! 

Dilute 50 ml or one graduation line of the ‘Clear View’ Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate with 5 litres of water and pour into the water tank. 250 ml is sufficient for 25 litres. 

Hazardous substance, please read label before use.                                                                            

Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate has been developed for use in summer.

All vehicles with windscreen washer system 

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation): 5 % or over but less than 15 %: anionic surfactants. Perfumes. Phenoxyethanol. 

pH value approx. 7.0

Protect against sunlight and frost.                                                               

Without animal ingredients.

What does ‘Tested in motorsport mean’?

In motorsport, cars travel at very high speeds, which leads to extremely dirty windows. The product has been successfully tested by racing team Joest Racing to achieve perfectly clean windows in the shortest possible time. And we are now making precisely this formula available to all our customers. From the racetrack to the road - for perfect results.     


Does it contain antifreeze?

No, it is a special variant for summer for use against insects.

Can antifreeze be added in winter?

When refilling the water tank at the end of the summer, ‘Clear View’ Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate remainders in the water tank can be safely mixed with a cleaner that already contains antifreeze. However, ‘Clear View’ should not be mixed with alcohol or other pure antifreeze. 

Do I have to pay attention to the water I use? Can I use normal tap water?

Tap water is perfectly fine for mixing. Some car manufacturers also recommend distilled water, which is equally suitable.

I have leftovers from another cleaner (with/without antifreeze) in my windscreen wiper water tank. Do I have to empty the tank completely or can I simply add cleaner?

It is not necessary to empty the tank completely.


Is the concentrate also suitable for fan nozzles?

Yes, it is.

Is the concentrate also suitable for headlights?

Yes, it is.

Is the concentrate also suitable for polycarbonate discs?

Yes, it is.

Can the concentrate also be used with Nano sealing on the disc?


Does the concentrate attack any wax sealant on the paint (e.g. after the car wash)?


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