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JOi Sanitary Cleaner Blue Sea, 80 ml, four-pack

€21.90 (68,44/1 l)
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Our professional cleaner to use against dirt in the sanitary area. Removes even stubborn limescale deposits easily and thoroughly and at the same time protects the surfaces from quickly becoming soiled with minerals again.

Now available as a practical JOi concentrate for mixing!

You can find information on the Hazardous substance labeling under "Important notes".

Packing unit

Applies to the mixed 500 ml cleaner:

The Sanitary Cleaner removes even stubborn limescale deposits from the fittings, quickly, thoroughly and in a natural way and ensures cleanliness and hygiene in the entire bathroom. It effectively eliminates unpleasant odours, leaves a pleasantly fresh scent and, thanks to its good dosability, is economical to use and particularly environmentally friendly.  

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Simple and quick mixing: 

  1. Pour in 420 ml of water (filling line).
  2. Pour 80 ml of concentrate into the bottle.
  3. Turn the 500 ml several times. Done!

Applies to the mixed 500 ml cleaner:

For heavy dirt: add Sanitary-Cleaner undiluted to a damp cloth and rub the surfaces and taps/fittings to be cleaned. Then, rinse thoroughly or wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. For normal dirt: add a few squeezes of Sanitary-Cleaner to the cleaning water.

Dosage: For normal dirt, add some squirts of to the water. In the case of heavy dirt, spray undiluted onto your damp JEMAKO Cloth.

Applies to the mixed 500 ml cleaner:

  • This cleaner is designated ECO Plus and therefore especially compatible with humans and nature. You can find more information about our ECO Plus label here.    
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.
  • Do not inhale the spray!                                                                           
  • In the case of surfaces sensitive to acid (limestone, marble, travertine, enamel, etc.) and unknown surfaces, it is essential that you dilute the product and test it before using. Follow the surface manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions.
  • If in doubt, conduct a material compatibility test in an inconspicuous place.
  • Suitable for domestic wastewater treatment installations.
  • For use with: Foam Pump, white   

Applies to the JOi concentrate: 

  • Dangerous substance: Yes

Attention : Causes serious eye irritation.

Applies to the mixed 500 ml cleaner:

  • Limescale and scum behind fittings and taps
  • Chrome, brushed chrome and lacquered (i.e. white) fittings and taps
  • Plastic and enamel bathtubs/shower trays
  • Plastic, lacquered wood and stone bathroom furniture
  • Tile and marble shower floors
  • Chrome shower heads
  • Silicon and standard tile grouting
  • Toilet exteriors: Ceramic and plastic
  • Ceramic and marble sinks

Ingredients (according to the detergents regulation):  less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, 5 % or over but less than 15 %: anionic surfactants. Perfumes (HEXYL CINNAMAL).

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