Leather Balsam, 200 ml

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The nourishing balsam cares intensively for smooth leather, impregnates the leather and at the same provides a fresh, silky shine. With natural bees wax.

Completely new:
Lemon Balsam container now made of 100% recycled plastic

Our new grey JEMAKO containers now stand for absolutely sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging and are an excellent example of successful recycling. Because we now use 100% recycled plastic for the JEMAKO containers for Lemon and Leather Balsam.

A very good example of this are our JEMAKO containers for a closed recycling loop. Further information is available here.


We are assuming joint responsibility


For over 20 years we at JEMAKO  have been rethinking cleaning. With products that not only clean, but are “clean” themselves. We adhere to the simple, sustainable principle:



This idea runs like a green thread through all areas of JEMAKO. Sustainable cleaning solutions, production Made in Germany and a uniquely human business model are examples of how we take responsibility for a clean future together with our customers, distributors, employees and sales advisers.

We have already achieved a lot and are getting better and better:
A very good example of this are our JEMAKO containers for a closed recycling loop




Coloured plastics now become new JEMAKO containers for the Lemon and Leather Balm.

When procuring the raw material for the containers, we deliberately avoid colour separation by type, which can result in colour variations of grey. Because this colour separation of plastics in the yellow recycling bag is very resource and energy-intensive - and so we also save CO2.

We are therefore also following the trend for the use of additive-free recycled plastics, thus dispensing with the need for additional colouring of the containers. We do not use any unnecessary chemicals and thus guarantee that the containers can be recycled without restrictions. 

Very economically apply to the cleaned leather using one side of the small, yellow DuoPad and allow to soak in well. Then, polish the leather with the clean reverse side of the DuoPad.

  • Perfect care and silky sheen! This practical combination product cares for and impregnates leather in a single process! Here, the top-quality ingredients in Leather-Balm keep the leather soft and supple, with the colourless product nourishing the leather and refreshing its colour. The protecting, pampering oils ensure the leather is replenished and retains its original character.
  • Natural care balm for leather
  • Nourishing and impregnating ingredients
  • Colourless
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Solvent and silicone-free
  • Contains natural beeswax

Apply Leather-Balm very economically and allow to soak in well. Then polish the leather with the yellow fibre if required. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions. If in doubt, conduct a material compatibility test in an inconspicuous place! Uneven application can result in staining! Do not use on suede.

  • Leather sofas, chairs and armchairs
  • Leather shoes
  • Leather bags
  • Leather jackets
  • Leather car seats
  • Leather gear/motorcycle clothing

none according to the detergents regulation

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