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Pro Cloth 35 x 40 cm, blue, three-pack

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High cleaning performance – minimum effort! As a “damp cloth”, the practical universal cloth for every living area picks up large quantities of dirt, cleans without leaving streaks and can be washed out again easily and quickly. Especially easy to wring out – great for smaller hands.


This pack contains

Click Box (18 x 13 x 6.5 cm), empty
x 1
Pro-Cloth small, 35 x 40 cm, blue
x 3

  • Cleaning and drying become a single action when using a well wrung-out Pro-Cloth on delicate surfaces, without any need to additionally dry off surfaces. To this end, you will always have the perfect ‘cleaning tool’ to hand for cleaning kitchen front panels, furniture surfaces (with the exception of high-gloss furniture), windows and window frames, doors, ceramic hobs, tiles, showers and much more besides – streak- and lint-free. Your practical universal cloth for all areas of the home!
  • 100% microfibre
  • Very tough, therefore very durable
  • Lint- and streak-free
  • Lots of cleaning performance
  • Quickly and reliably loosens even heavy dirt such as grease and nicotine
  • Capable of absorbing large amounts of solid and liquid dirt

Conduct a test in an inconspicuous place for unknown surfaces.

As microfibres can accumulate lime-scale with moisture and cloths can become hard, regular (once or twice a year) descaling of cloths using KalkEx Plus is recommended for hard water to ensure they remain soft in the long term. Dosage recommendation: add approx. 50 ml of KalkEx Plus to 1 l of water, allow cloths to soak for 12–24 hours. If heavily impacted by lime-scale, increase dosage or repeat process.

  • Fittings, bathroom sinks, tiled splash-backs
  • Windows, entry areas, chrome parts
  • Windows, inside and outside
  • Tiled splash-backs, hobs, kitchen sinks
  • Garden furniture, window frames
  • Furniture surfaces, doors

80 % Polyester, 20 % Polyamide

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