Glass Cleaner, 2 l canister

€21.90 (10,95/1l)
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Cleans all glass surfaces and mirrors without leaving streaks and even removes greasy stains reliably – the environmentally friendly glass-cleaning professional with the ECO Plus certificate.


You can find more information about our labels here.


Spray Glass-Cleaner onto a clean JEMAKO cloth and evenly wipe and clean the soiled surface. Follow the material manufacturer’s instructions and test the product before using if required!

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  • Glass Cleanerguarantees streak-free sparkle for glass surfaces and mirrors. Because it removes even the toughest dirt and greasy residue. Simply test the combination of Glass Cleaner and Pro-Cloth to quickly remove fingerprints in-between: just spray, wipe, done!
  • The glass cleaner from JEMAKO
  • For all glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Greasy and other stubborn dirt is easily and reliably removed
  • The cleaner is the ideal companion for supporting the Pro-Cloth and Dry-Cloth
  • Cleans streak-free

ECO Plus: low dosage saves money and protects the environment. Low impact on water organisms. Avoidance of hazardous ingredients to protect people and the environment.

  • Mirrors
  • Glass tables
  • Glass doors

none according to the detergents regulation

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