DuoCloth 18 x 24cm, yellow fibre

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Strong against dirt – gentle on the surface. When used damp, perfect for cleaning sensitive surfaces. When used dry, great for gently removing dust. Super hardwearing, extra durable.


Gently wipe over the surface using the damp cloth. If necessary, dry off using a Chamois.

  • Thanks to its unique composition, the DuoCloth is strong on dirt and gentle on surfaces. Used damp, it is perfect for removing dirt from delicate surfaces, such as high-gloss front panels, for example. Dry, it is the ideal companion for dusting furniture, radiators, lamps and plants. At the same time, it offers perfect grip, is very robust and particularly durable. Furthermore, it is easy to wring out, allowing it to be reused again dry very quickly.
  • Ideal for delicate surfaces
  • Gentle on surfaces – strong on dirt
  • Also perfect for dusting
  • Fittings
  • Bathroom furniture
  • ‘Lotus-effect’ sanitary surfaces
  • High-gloss front panels
  • Lamps
  • Shelving units
  • Cabinets

65 % Polyester, 35 % Lyocell

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