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CleanStick® 35 cm, green fibre

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Flexible, easy to use, versatile – removes dirt even from the narrowest corners and cracks, such as window frames.


  • Regardless of whether inside or out! The bendable green CleanSticks (35 and 60 cm) can be used to remove heavy dirt even from the tightest corners and gaps. Because they are very flexible, simple to use and particularly versatile.
  • Extremely good oil and grease absorption
  • Extremely flexible
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent for removing dirt from narrow openings and difficult-to-reach places
  • Easy to wash

Test the product before using on delicate and unknown surfaces!

  • Window frames
  • Window slats
  • Garden furniture
  • Glass vases/vases, decanters
  • Radiators with slats
  • Baby bottles
  • Sliding doors
  • Sun protection
  • Dishwashers
  • Cladding

100 % Polyester

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