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Cleaning Sponge long-pile 12 x 18 cm, green fibre

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Impresses with high water and dirt absorption. The absolute professional for car and caravan cleaning, for example. Extra gentle and fluff-free – guaranteed!


First, thoroughly remove coarse dirt from the vehicle using a hard water jet. In summer, conduct the preliminary rinse for longer to ensure the paintwork cools down! Always remember: wash the car in the shade. Shake the High-gloss-Shampoo (to ensure the two phases mix well) and, depending on the type of dirt, add 1–1.5 measuring caps to 10 litres of water in the JEMAKO Bucket. Completely soak the sponge; start cleaning with the roof and work downwards thoroughly. Do not allow to dry. Here, repeatedly soak the sponge until the bucket is almost empty. In the case of stubborn dirt (i.e. bird dirt, tree resin), simply add a little Intensive-Cleaner to the sponge.

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  • The perfect helper for washing the car: the sponge can absorb large amounts of dirt and water and cleans lacquer gently. Its long-pile fibres ensure that even dirt in grooves and recesses is easily removed. The practical hand loop can be placed around the wrist during use, hence preventing the sponge being contaminated with dirt or sand in the event it is dropped.
  • Versatile and surface-gentle! The green, particularly absorbent Cleaning-Sponge is ideal for cleaning larger surfaces such as garden furniture, fences, etc., for example – it can even be used for quickly removing dirt from grooves and recesses. Together with the underlying sponge, the fibre is extremely water-absorbent, so that it does not need to be re-wet as often and can be used for longer periods of time.
  • Particularly suitable for large surfaces, such as cars, caravans, garden furniture, etc.
  • Comes with a practical hand loop
  • Both the fibre and the sponge absorb lots of water
  • Lint-free
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Very robust and durable
  • Machine-washable at 60 °C

Coarse dirt should be removed prior to washing (shake out, rinse out) to protect the fibre, other items of laundry and the washing machine.

  • Cleaning cars, caravans and motorcycle, etc. exteriors
  • Window shutters
  • Garden furniture/garage doors
  • Roller shutters
  • Conservatories

100 % Polyester

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