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Impregnation Spray, 2 l canister

€39.90 (19,95/1)
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Makes nearly every textile water and dirt-repellent. Clothing such as shoes or jackets can be impregnated just as easily and quickly as outdoor stone or wooden surfaces. Offers ideal protection against ingress of damp and dirt, both inside and outside. 


Wash or clean the surface to be treated. Then spray the dry surface evenly from a distance of about 30 cm and rub in with a cloth or, for example, a green DuoPad if necessary. Leave to dry well. Spray heavily worn areas a second time if necessary. 

Use only with grey Spray Head!

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  • Water-based special impregnation, damp and dirt repellent
  • Can also be used as stone or wood impregnation outside

With unknown or sensitive surfaces or materials, carry out preliminary tests. Observe the care instructions of the manufacturer. Use only in well-ventilated rooms or outside. Do not inhale the spray! Use only with grey Spray Head! Protect against sunlight and frost.

With large surfaces, such as terrace floors, a pressure sprayer can also be used.

  • Textile materials, such as shoes, jackets, ties, carpets, table cloths
  • Natural and synthetic materials and suede
  • Stone (e.g. natural stone or earthenware) outside
  • Wood outside 

none according to the detergents regulation

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