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KalkEx Plus, 2 l-canister

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Highly active, rapidly effective, gentle on material – our limescale remover removes limescale deposits from coffee machines, kettles etc. reliably and without leaving deposits. It is economical in terms of consumption and biodegradable.


You can find more information about our labels here.

You can find information on the Hazardous substance labeling under "Important notes".


Thanks to particularly fast-acting organic lactic acid, our KalkEx Plus effectively and thoroughly removes stubborn limescale from devices such as hot water heaters or coffee machines as well as shower heads, tap aerators or our fibres and cloths. Our dye- and fragrance-free professional descaler is certified for the food processing industry, easy to dose and economical to use.    

Available product variants: 

The article is available in 500 ml bottles, 2 l and 5 l canisters.

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Dosage: Approx. 50 ml KalkEx Plus to 1 l water. In the case of very heavy calcification, increase dosage or repeat procedure.

Decalcifying the JEMAKO Pro and Dry Cloths: Prepare a sufficient amount of the basic solution with warm water and let the cloths soak in until no more bubbles form. Stir briefly. If there are still no bubbles, wash the cloths well or put them in the washing machine. Repeat the process if the calcification is very severe.  

Descaling hot water devices (water boilers, egg cookers etc.): Prepare a sufficient quantity of the basic solution, leave the solution in the device for approx. 30 minutes and then rinse the device thoroughly. 

Descaling coffee and tea machines: Fill the devices with approx. 1 l basic solution and start the descaling program. On machines without a descaling program, switch on the device, allow part of the solution to run through, switch off the device and wait approx. 3 minutes, then switch it on again briefly. Repeat the procedure until the container is empty. Then allow a filling of clear water to run through. 

Descaling shower heads/tap aerators: Remove shower head and place in a warm water bath with KalkEx Plus. While the water is bubbling, the shower head/tap aerator is decalcified. Then remove from the water bath, rinse briefly and dry.  

  • Hazardous substance, please read label before use. 
  • Certified for the food processing area.
  • Caution with materials sensitive to acid!

  • Danger: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

  • JEMAKO fibres and cloths
  • Steam irons
  • Steam cookers
  • Egg cookers
  • Coffee machines
  • Pots and pans
  • Air humidifiers
  • Tap aerators
  • Shower heads
  • Kettles

Ingredients: none according to the detergents regulation

Dye and fragrance free. 

pH value approx. 1,0

Protect against sunlight and frost..

Without animal ingredients.

Safety data sheet available on request.

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