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Floor-Intensive-Cleaner, 2 l-canister

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The high-performance cleaner for special cleaning challenges on all water and alkali-resistant floor coverings. Whether for the private household or commercial premises – professional cleaning results guaranteed!


This pack contains


Depending on the type of dirt, dilute with water in a ratio of up to 1:10, then apply the solution to the floor and let it soak in for several minutes. Then wipe the floor with a green or blue fibre or use a machine. Take up the dirty solution; do not allow to dry! Then wipe the floor again with clean water until all cleaner residue has been removed.

  • Whether for private homes, restaurants or commercial businesses – this high-performance cleaner for all water- and alkali-resistant flooring effortlessly removes particularly coarse dirt! As a result of its tremendous dirt loosening power, laborious scrubbing is a thing of the past and even older encrustation and residue is particularly effectively removed using Floor-Intensive-Cleaner.
  • High-performance cleaner for all water- and alkali-resistant flooring
  • For residential and commercial flooring
  • Free of colourings and fragrances
  • Ideal for using in food-processing areas
  • Low-foaming
  • Suitable for floor cleaning machines or high-pressure equipment
  • Tiles
  • Safety tiles
  • Patios/terraces

Below 5%: anionic tensides.

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