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Fur Pro S (34 x 55 cm)

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Our professional for gentle fur drying! Absorbs large amounts of dirt and water and removes even dried dirt from fur when used damp.


Our Fur Cloth is the perfect helper after walks in the rain, a jump into cool water or a horseback ride. Thanks to its particularly soft fibre, the Fur Cloth is ideal for gently rubbing pets and small animals or horses dry and prevents unpleasant odours from spreading in the house. The cloth developed especially for animal fur is highly absorbent and can pick up large amounts of water and dirt. It impresses with its good grip and the edge seam, which prevents the fibre from fraying. After use, our Fur Cloth dries particularly quickly and is ready for use again in no time.

Rub wet and/or dirty fur and paws dry with the Fur Cloth.

The Fur Cloth is machine washable up to 60 °C and suitable for tumble drying at reduced temperatures. Do not use fabric conditioner. Do not iron. Before use and with every washing cycle, wash with laundry of similar colours. We recommend using JEMAKO Detergent active. If the Fur Cloth is very dirty, you can protect the other laundry with a Wash Pouch. It is not necessary to wash the Fur Cloth after each application.

  • Pets with fur (dogs, cats, horses etc.)  
  • Reptiles (tortoises etc.)


Microfibre:  85 % polyester, 15 % polyamide 


S: 34 x 55 cm  

M: 45 x 85 cm  

What is special about the Fur Cloth? 

The Fur Cloth is optimally tailored to the needs of furry four-legged friends. It absorbs the moisture from the fur of dogs, cats etc. really well, even if the pet has just been bathing. The fibres are designed in such a way that the cloth can be wrung out well despite high water absorption and dries quickly again. The Fur Cloth has a particularly soft microfibre, which makes it pleasant for animals and for humans to “rub" the fur dry gently. 

Can't I not just use a Hair Towel or Hair Turban to dry the fur? 

This works, but the Fur Cloth was specially developed for animal fur. It dries better and absorbs more moisture and dirt thanks to its large fibre surface. 

Does the Fur Cloth also make sense for animals without fur? 

Of course, the Fur Cloth shows its strength primarily with domestic animals with fur. But dogs, cats or horses are not the only ones who can be happy about the cuddly helper. Even animals without fur, such as tortoises or other reptiles, are happy to meet the fur professional.  

Is there anything I need to pay attention to when washing the Fur Cloth? 

It is not necessary to wash the Fur Cloth after each application. You can simply put the Fur Cloth into the machine. If the Fur Cloth is very dirty, you can protect the other laundry with a Wash Pouch. 

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