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Shower Cream Pure Cashmere, 200 ml

€9.90 (49,50/1 l)
Tax included / shipping excluded

The luxurious cashmere fragrance provides a sensual shower sensation. At the same time, high-quality olive oil encourages regeneration of the skin. Experience the pleasantly soft feeling on your skin.


Thanks to mild, plant-based surfactants, our Shower Cream is perfect for particularly gentle body care. It is pleasantly creamy, mild and skin-friendly and maintains the skin's natural moisture. The high proportion of olive oil also encourages skin regeneration and the formation of new skin cells. Shower Cream is easy to dose and economical to use. Also ideal in combination with JEMAKO body fibres.  

Apply to damp skin, spread evenly and rinse thoroughly with warm water after cleansing.

Dermatologically-certified skin compatibility

The tube has a foil seal. Prior to first use, unscrew the cap and remove the foil seal.

Daily body care


PEG-free, without mineral oils and without animal ingredients

pH-value approx. 5,5 (pH-neutral)

Protect against sunlight and frost.

Can be kept open for up to 12 months after first opening.

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