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Long live cleanliness!

Most cleaning products are designed to be used once and then thrown away. Ever since we started out in 1999, we’ve been bucking the trend and showing that it doesn’t have to be that way. Just look at the long-lasting fibres we’ve developed. The unique way they are woven together ensures they can withstand wear and tear as they are used to gently clean surfaces and effectively remove dirt.

Our fibres clean to perfection. Again. And again. And again.

JEMAKO fabrics have been sustainable since way before sustainability was a mainstream consideration for cleaning products. This is down to their outstanding mechanical cleaning properties and their impressive lifespan.

Did you know that our fibres and cloths do not wear even when they are used frequently? We only ever use high-end woven fabrics that we have produced under controlled conditions at our own weaving mill. By staying true to our made in Germany promise, we can ensure that JEMAKO fibres are highly durable and continue to hold their shape.

JEMAKO fibres vs natural fibres

Does something have to be natural to be sustainable? Not necessarily. Synthetic fibres actually come with a long list of benefits that give our fabrics perfect cleaning properties and a long lifespan. With synthetic fibres as a viable sustainable alternative, natural products don’t just win hands down.

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Dirt and water

As natural fibres absorb dirt, there always comes a point when it can’t be washed out anymore. Cotton cloths become less effective over time, meaning that additional products are required to deliver an effective clean.  

The properties of synthetic fibres can be carefully controlled, with resistance to water and chemicals as a given. This allows for (mechanical) cleaning to have a lasting effect and explains why these long-lasting fibres are handy helpers to have around the house.


The length of wool and cotton fibres automatically limits their lifespan. Fabrics made from lots of these short fibres are not so strong and they shed fluff easily, as the fibres are constantly coming loose from the fabric.

This isn’t a problem with JEMAKO cloths because they are made from one infinite synthetic fibre (filament). And that means there’s no chance of fibres coming loose. The result? Cleaning without the streaks or the fluff!

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JEMAKO Profituch


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Cleaning fabrics made from natural fibres can’t withstand heavy-duty usage during cleaning as effectively and you will find that they start to wear more quickly when they are washed.

That’s not a problem you have to worry about with JEMAKO fibres. They can be washed over and over again yet still look as good as new after years of use.  

Our alternatives to standard disposable products

JEMAKO Pro Cloth vs kitchen roll

If you just use a JEMAKO cloth to wipe up crumbs and spills, you’ll end up cutting back on your kitchen roll usage and that can only be good news for the environment. Our long-lasting Pro Cloth is ideal for all washable surfaces and you can just give it a wash whenever it needs it. 

JEMAKO Make-up Removal Pads vs cotton wool pads

Just add a little water to reusable JEMAKO Make-up Removal Pads and your make-up will be off before you know it. You can’t say the same for standard cotton wool pads, can you? Plus, our reusable version can be simply thrown into the washing machine next time you’re putting it on.

JEMAKO CleanStick vs disposable dusters

We’ve all seen those disposable dusters, but did you know that there’s a more sustainable alternative? The CleanStick from JEMAKO attracts dust and holds onto it nicely for you. After a quick wash, it’s ready to use again.

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