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Culture of diversity

The many faces of JEMAKO.

Male, female, non-binary. Young and old. Experienced and just starting out. From here, there and everywhere. Our team is as diverse as the JEMAKO product range. And we are proud that the JEMAKO culture of diversity is plain to see all around us.

Over 300 unique and talented team members

Our workforce is made up of seamstresses and warehouse workers, creative types and number crunchers, sales pros and tech geeks, apprentices and managers. Every one of us comes from a different background and we all made our way to JEMAKO via a different route. And yet there’s one thing that we all have in common... our fresh approach to cleaning!

Diversity is at the heart of JEMAKO’s
brand values.

Over 50% of our managers are female.

We are proud that we don’t need to prescribe a gender quota to guarantee equal opportunities at JEMAKO. The majority of our senior positions are actually filled by women.

Everybody’s welcome

We are committed to helping people with a disability enter the workforce. With an employment rate of over 10%, we take on an above-average number of employees who are registered disabled.

Start them young

New trainees can now take their pick from nine different training pathways. We train up several young people every year and always try to offer them a permanent place on our team once their training is complete. In fact, we end up employing over 90% of our trainees. We are delighted that many of our youngest workers have received awards for top performances and exceptional dissertations.

Stick around

Many of our employees have been working with us since the very beginning over 20 years ago and the average length of service is 9 years and 11 months (correct in June 2021).

In May 2023, JEMAKO signed the Charta der Vielfalt (Charter of Diversity). Since its founding in 2006, the initiative has been working to ensure that organisations foster a prejudice-free and appreciative working environment for their employees – regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, religion and social origin. By signing the Charta der Vielfalt, employers declare that they are committed to equal opportunities for their employees and will continue to promote them. Around 4,500 organisations have signed up to the initiative to date.

Direct sales, fair conditions
Self-employment with a twist

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO

Sustainable cleaning
Sustainable packaging
Sustainable logistics
Made in Germany

Sustainable cleaning products for a spotless home